Available Products

10W UV LED Light Unit

$150 (as pictured)

Unit Measurements (single LED light unit)

  • Weight - 4.4 oz
  • Dimensions - 5.75" (Height) by 2.5" (Width at base)
  • Lead length - 10"

UV LED Light Unit Materials

  • Durable, water resistant plastic diffuser
  • Aluminum heat sink for LED unit
  • Contained and sealed LED chip and DC power driver
  • Stainless steel reinforcement bolts
  • Heat tolerant sealant
  • SAE flat plug and lead

Quad UV LED Light Array

$650 (as pictured)

Arrays can be linked in a wide variety of combinations (dual, triple, or quad; serially linked for a trap line; rigged as a sustainable single or dual light system in a passive trap with a photo-switch and solar panel for recharging). Pictured units from left to right - 370nm, 375nm, 380nm, 390nm.

Complete UV LED Light Array Kit

4 light units, splitter, extension cord, battery clamps, in a 10" by 7" storage container